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          We are Abdul Mutaal Hamadto & Son's Company (AMHSCO) a Sudanese company, established in the year 1995, but actually activated in the year 2001.

          Our activities started as a trading company, but since the owner has had an experience in Gulf area in the field of operation & maintenance, we brought to our local market in Sudan new products such as CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS.

Now we are the distributor for BASF The International Manufacturer of Construction Chemicals (MBT).

          In order to improve the quality of this business, we recruited professionals to train our employees. The new main line of our business supply & apply activities, is as follows:


Flooring systems:

          These flooring systems are especially designed to meet high hygienic and technical requirements.

          The materials to be used for these flooring systems are:

-         Epoxy resins: epoxy floorings, anti-static floorings & epoxy screed.

-         Vinyl Flooring.


 Flooring systems are mostly applied to the following areas:

-         Hospitals & Laboratories.

-         Pharmaceuticals & Food processing factories.

-         Airports terminals & Hangers.

-         Water & Fuel tanks.

The flooring systems could be applied at so many other places the above mentioned.


Waterproofing & Thermal Insulation:

          We use different types of materials such as:


-         Bituminous Membrane: torch apply or self adhesive.

-         Vinyl Membrane.

-         Cementitious Slurry & Cementitious penetrating mix.

-         Acrylics.

-         Bituminous sealants.

-         HDPE (lining system).

-         Polyurethane coating

The above materials can be used in different types of buildings and locations such as:

-         Foundations, Roofs & wet areas.


Thermal Insulation:

-         Light weight concrete (Perlite).

-         Rock & Glass wool.

-         Thermal & Extruded Polystyrene.


Construction/Expansion Joints Sealants:

          Due to the needs of building construction, we supply the most efficient products to comply with the function of the joints such as:

-         Water Stop.

-         Elastomeric Sealants.

-         WABO System.

-         Swelling Water Stop.


Concrete & Mortars Admixtures:

          The new technology of construction requires so many things to improve the construction materials’ efficiency such as:

-         Plasticizers & Retarders.

-         Bonding Agents.

-         Air entering compounds.

-         Concrete repair.

Tile Fix & Grouts:

          These are available in so many grades and colors for fixing the tiles, ceramic .

We are the main distributor for BASF


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